Sleepys is the largest retailer of mattresses in the country, and in the world. What that means is that we have the greatest variety of mattresses available anywhere, to anyone. That alone should be reason enough to at least stop by and check us out some, but we also know that this is not enough sometimes. So, please allow us to provide you with a few reasons for why you should stop by and see us.

Sleepys has been around for 53 years. How many retail chains can say that? How many businesses, even, can say that? Not terribly many. That’s pertinent because we’ve seen a lot of trends come and a lot of trends go. We have seen which ones worked for giving people the best night’s sleep, and as a result we know the best recommendations to make people for mattresses.

We can say that we have a lot of different kinds of mattresses, but the truth is that’s understating it a little. We carry four different kinds of mattresses, plus box springs to offer additional support for the mattress. But in addition to that, we also carry many different brands of mattress as well. What that means is that you as a customer have more opportunities to find something that’s comfortable for you.

We don’t just sell the mattresses. We also sell the things that you want to have around them and on top of them. That means pillows, sheets, comforters, and things of that nature. We’ve turned ourselves into a one stop shop of sorts.

We have 700 different stores for you to visit. When we say that we’re the largest of the mattress retailers, we mean it. Yet, at the same time, we can understand how you may not be able to visit us, as we are located on the east coast. So, we’ve build distribution centers on both sides of the country, to ensure the speedy delivery of any mattresses you may want to order from us.

We don’t even allow our salespeople out onto the floor without first providing them extensive training about mattresses. We want to make sure that the experience you have with us is the absolute best that you could have.
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All the pointers mentioned here were really a requirement to consider when buying a mattress.thanks for reminding me of this

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Great reasons and all practical but I have to say, I just like Sleepys that's why I buy it =)

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