Everybody needs to get the right amount of sleep. We can only do so much to make that happen, giving you an awesome mattress and all, but there’s more to be done to make this happen.

Set a Schedule
Have a bed time. Make sure that you get to bed at the same time, or as near to it, as you can every night.

Blot out the Lights
Having light coming into where you sleep can be bad for your sleep patterns because they disrupt the physical cues that say it’s time to sleep. If you think this may be true, then keep things as dark as possible.

Don’t Eat
Make sure your food is digested and that you’ve drawn all the energy you can from it before you try to sleep.

Don’t Drink Either
Same story with drinking. If you’re thirsty, go for a cup of water.

Be Consistent
Make sure that you do this more often than not. An occasional lapse is permissible, as your body will adapt and put you back on schedule.
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