ohn and Jim both work at the same company and graduated from the same college. They were even close friend in high school. Jim notices that John appears to always get a better office, treatment, and results than he does. While Jim is cold calling John is closing on two or three clients. Jim knows that John is no genius, but he cannot understand what it is that separates them. It keeps him up all night worrying. John on the other hand is fast asleep while working on his secret strategy... resting. John purchased a high quality mattress designed to meet his needs and it has made all of the difference. His energy levels allow him to outperform Jim each and every day. If you need a boost in your daily life, consider changing how your mind and body rests at night. John did, and it has made all of the difference.
Choosing the right mattress is ultimately a matter of subjective comfort. And that’s not something we can decide for you - you know yourself better than we ever could. That said, there are a few guidelines for picking the right mattress and making sure that you pay the right amount of money for it.

Firmness Matters
Go for something with a little give in it - not too hard, but not too soft either. A good mattress supports your body and conforms somewhat to the shape of it.

Coils vs. Springs vs. Pockets
This one’s a matter of the budget. Independent coil mattresses are the most expensive, but they’re a good buy if your budget can take it. If not, the other types will be cheaper.

It’s okay to haggle sometimes. As the proverb goes, ask, and it shall be given. We’re not guaranteeing you’ll get anything for having asked, but it never hurts to do so either.

Know the Budget
If you know what you can spend and what falls in that range, you can approach the situation from an unemotional position. If you see a bed that’s just slightly out of your reach, you can use your budget as a negotiating tool. You never know what you could walk out with.

Know the warranty. Figure out if the bed is really good for 10 years like the salesman says.
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