It is important to protect large investments and give them due consideration; that includes mattresses and bedding. Your bed and everything on it are a large part of your life. You may not spend a lot of time thinking about it, but you sleep on it (hopefully) eight hours a night. That’s roughly 2,944 hours per year that you spend in bed. Now, you need quality sleep during those hours, because how rested you are affects job performance, relationships, and health. In that regard, your mattress and bedding are a big deal. Consider that when buying a mattress—get one you will be truly happy with so that you can be at your best during the day. Since mattresses are expensive and fairly central to your nightly routine, don’t forget to buy a mattress protector. It will keep your mattress free of creepy crawlies, discourage allergens, and save your mattress from spilled drinks and pet accidents. You can get similar protection for your pillows too. Give thought to all of your bedding. Make sure that your blankets and pillows aren’t impairing your ability to sleep. You are justified in splurging on luxury bedding—remember how much effect sleep and your bed have on your life.

Coil mattress, also known as the core or the innerspring unit, and provide the main support for the body. Proper support is essential not only for a good night’s sleep, but for maintaining a healthy spine. When considering the core of an innerspring mattress, there are a number of important factors: the number of coils used throughout the mattress, the way the coils are constructed, and the shape of the coils.

There are four main types of coils mattresses:

·         Open (or Bonnell) coil mattresses have hourglass- shaped coils, which are attached to surrounding coils with a small wire spiral called a helical. This design provides good initial support and works to isolate motion transfer. However, open coils do tend to wear more quickly than other coil constructions.

·         Offset coil mattresses have a construction similar to open coil but have a square head, which in theory enables the mattress to contour better. An offset coil is slightly more cylindrical in shape than an open coil which gives it durability.

·         Individually wrapped (or Marshall) coil mattresses have an individually wrapped cylindrical coil contained within separate fabric pockets. Each coil is separate so the rest of the bed isn’t disturbed by the movement of the coils surrounding it.

·         Continuous coil mattresses have rows of advanced coils made of a single continuous wire. By sharing the weight load across several innersprings, each spring holds its share and integrity longer.

Pillows get taken for granted. When was the last time you gave serious consideration to your pillow? Your pillow has a large impact on your quality of sleep. You need the right level of softness, firmness, and thickness, and don’t forget the shape. There are pillows specifically designed for those who prefer to sleep on their backs, side sleepers, and people who sprawl on their stomachs. There are pillows that help prevent snoring, ones that cool or heat while you sleep, and those with built-in speakers for your mp3 player. You can choose from pillows made out of foam, feathers and down, latex, plastic fiber filling, memory foam, and gel.  See, you really should give your pillow some thought; there are many options to choose from to increase the quality of your sleep.

Choosing the right mattress is really important for you and your body. Sleeping in a good mattress, makes you sleep really well, have good dreams, and your body rest as it should be. Bad mattresses make you have bad dreams and wake up cranky and not sleep well at all.  

Choosing a mattress is displayed in stores for a reason. There not just there to look pretty- they are there for you to test them, if you comfortable and your body is too. That the way you know which one is perfect.

 Just by sitting in the corner of the mattress doesn’t mean you will know like that if that mattress is for you. You can’t possibly know by the edge of the mattress because, first you going to spend the majority of the time on bed not sitting down.  Secondly you not going to lay down on the edge of the mattress, you are going to want to be in the middle.

 And if there are two people sleeping in this same bed, you’ll need to lie down at the same time. Just look the one is comfortable and support for you.

Many bedrooms don’t come with built in storage. This can be a problem if you collect a lot of bedroom accessories like stuffed animals, slippers, and sleep masks. If you have a small room lots of shelving and storage racks may not be an option. That’s why for small bedrooms it is a good idea to invest in under the bed storage containers. You can use these in your own room or your kid’s bedroom. They really help to reduce clutter and can’t be seen when they are put away. You can store spare bedding, slippers, and anything else that is cluttering your bedroom under the bed with easy access.

Mattress toppers can transform a mattress. If you aren’t happy with your current worn out mattress but aren’t quite ready to invest in a new one, a mattress topper is the solution. You can purchase ones that are firm, soft, or a nice balance. There are many materials to choose. Here are a few and why they are worth it:

1.     Foam. You can purchase these toppers in a variety of thicknesses and even get ones with massaging ridges. Most of them are fairly inexpensive, even for large beds, and are the easiest option if you want your mattress to be softer.

2.     Memory foam. This is the choice for people with bad backs, chronic pain, or those who love luxury. Memory foam is just the right marriage of soft and firm and forms to your body.

3.     Quilted. These add some softness but not enough to displease the people who enjoy their firm mattresses. They are great for mattresses that are wearing out on top, extra protection, and that little bit of added comfort. They are also inexpensive and usually machine washable. This is a great option for kids’ beds.

4.     Gel mats. These are perfect for hot summers. Some of them are even designed to cool. These are the choice for people who generally overheat and women going through menopause. You will feel like you are on a comfy waterbed.

 A daybed is a kind of bed similar to a futon, in that it functions as a sofa/bed combination. They have three pieces: two sides and a back panel, and are built in a wood/metal hybrid, if not just one or the other. They're built to hold a twin size mattress, and can be used in apartments, guest rooms, dens, offices, sun rooms, you name it. Anywhere you could possibly see an excuse to have a sofa/bed and look classy, daybeds are your pick. Where futons are typically better couches or sofas, daybeds are better beds.

A link spring is the common support system for the mattress, which is a metal frame roughly the size of the mattress, only flat, with cross supports. Wire, polyester or nylon meshes are held in place by springs which also allows room underneath the daybed for storage. Some of these will include an additional bed underneath.