Pillows get taken for granted. When was the last time you gave serious consideration to your pillow? Your pillow has a large impact on your quality of sleep. You need the right level of softness, firmness, and thickness, and don’t forget the shape. There are pillows specifically designed for those who prefer to sleep on their backs, side sleepers, and people who sprawl on their stomachs. There are pillows that help prevent snoring, ones that cool or heat while you sleep, and those with built-in speakers for your mp3 player. You can choose from pillows made out of foam, feathers and down, latex, plastic fiber filling, memory foam, and gel.  See, you really should give your pillow some thought; there are many options to choose from to increase the quality of your sleep.


When you are purchasing a mattress, be sure to always buy extra warranty protection. We sell the best and high quality mattresses that include their own unique warranties. Unfortunately, we cannot help protect your mattress from dangers outside the store. Whether it is spills and excessive bed jumping or a flood/fire that damages your mattress, you need to be protected by all means possible.

Spend the extra investment and sleep secure knowing that your little piece of heaven is protected by a warranty that will ensure great sleep for years to come.