There are plenty of reasons to choose Sleepys for your mattress needs. It's a large company that's been around forever. What that means is that they've been busy making reasons for you to buy from them day by day for years and years.

To begin with, they've been doing this for fifty four years. There are not many companies that can claim that they've been around for that long. It's more common to see a start up fail rather than to succeed in establishing anything like a legacy. The truth is, though, that Sleepys has already been at it for years prior to the formation of the company.

Additionally, they are the largest such company at work in the country. This kind of expansion would be impossible if the company wasn't about taking care of the customers.

Sleepys is the way to go when it comes to making sure you get a good night's sleep.

When you are purchasing a mattress, be sure to always buy extra warranty protection. We sell the best and high quality mattresses that include their own unique warranties. Unfortunately, we cannot help protect your mattress from dangers outside the store. Whether it is spills and excessive bed jumping or a flood/fire that damages your mattress, you need to be protected by all means possible.

Spend the extra investment and sleep secure knowing that your little piece of heaven is protected by a warranty that will ensure great sleep for years to come.