Let us consider sleep.

Sleep is something that you do where you have a lot of time spent in a single position. You’ll shift somewhat throughout the night, and occasionally you’ll shift violently enough to be awakened. But otherwise, it’s about being in a position and sticking with it for a while.

Now, we tend not to think so much about this position, but this is actually critical to how you sleep. Because remember: your body is a structure. It has muscle and tissue and organs, and all of that is supported by a skeleton underneath. This is the thing that gets affected the most by sleep, and by the final position that you settle into.

Your skeleton is composed chiefly of two parts: bones and joints. When you sleep, and when you fall into that position, gravity goes to work leveraging your body. It’s pulling down everything on you, and because your skeleton is designed to be flexible, it’s going to give in the direction that it’s being pulled.

A proper mattress accommodates this pull without sacrificing your body’s alignment to so.

Otherwise what happens is that your body falls out of alignment. Your muscles stiffen up to try and preserve it, and when you wake up you’re more tired than you were before.

If this seems like a lot to consider, simply look at Tempur-Pedic’s commercials. You remember the pictures of the spine falling out of alignment, right? It’s the same principle. And your responsibility to yourself is to find the mattress that prevents that for you.
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