So, we talk a lot about mattresses and beds. What we don’t talk about so much is the necessity for a good pillow to go with it.

Sure, it seems like the bed should do the majority of the work. And it does. But that’s all for your back and for the rest of your body. Your pillow is for the support of your neck, as well as providing a comfortable place for your head.

It seems strange, doesn’t it? To have to worry so much about the head, the smaller part of your body, when so much of the talk of beds concerns the larger part.

But the truth is, there’s no words for the misery of falling asleep when every other part of your body is comfy and the neck, the last part, just can’t get right. It’ll keep you awake, and if it doesn’t, you still run the risk of dealing with a stiff neck after.

So, pillows are important.
11/18/2011 12:13:53 am

I so agree with the post. I can't even remember the time that I was able to sleep very well without pillows. Pillows are like the cherry to the ice cream. It makes it a lot lot better. :)

11/20/2011 10:59:57 pm

I can sleep well without blankets but never without pillows. Pillows are indispensable. :)

11/24/2011 05:40:53 am

pillows are a must and sleepys just makes bedtime even better

12/10/2011 01:34:16 pm

I really didn't have quality sleep when I didn't have my pillows beside me..

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