ohn and Jim both work at the same company and graduated from the same college. They were even close friend in high school. Jim notices that John appears to always get a better office, treatment, and results than he does. While Jim is cold calling John is closing on two or three clients. Jim knows that John is no genius, but he cannot understand what it is that separates them. It keeps him up all night worrying. John on the other hand is fast asleep while working on his secret strategy... resting. John purchased a high quality mattress designed to meet his needs and it has made all of the difference. His energy levels allow him to outperform Jim each and every day. If you need a boost in your daily life, consider changing how your mind and body rests at night. John did, and it has made all of the difference.
10/28/2011 01:10:35 am

I will begin to be like John and make a difference. You too! Choose the best mattress ever!

10/29/2011 03:22:01 pm

Wow! That real-life story made me realize that I should really get myself my own Sleepy's product! And you, what are you waiting for? :)

10/30/2011 04:21:24 pm

High quality mattress plus high quality of sleep equals high quality way of living! Thanks to Sleepys!

11/9/2011 03:20:11 pm

I can very much agree with carangel. If we have ample amount of quality sleep, it will help us to get going during the day. It will help us to perform well. And thus, have higher chances to improve our lives!

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