Sleep is not something we get near enough of these days. The studies they run point to us getting somewhere between six and seven hours a night, while at the same time working for longer hours with less energy.

It’s bad for us.

But even if we are endeavoring to get enough sleep, having the wrong mattress for your body isn’t going to help you get there. Rest means being comfortable. You can’t rest if you aren’t comfortable.

That pretty much defines the right mattress. And at Sleepys, we’ll be glad to help you find the right one for your sleeping needs.
11/9/2011 03:17:48 pm

I very much agree to the statement that rest means being comfortable. If we really want to "rest", we should start by getting the things which will help us be comfortable. And one of these things is the Sleepy's mattress. A quality mattress perfected through the years! :)

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